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Strong development business already left real estate to the blind alley to affec
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A few famous development business solemned to had become name star now, be the entrepreneur that undertakes commercial activity merely no longer, a lot of moment still are the star that recreation changes. This is austere with the rigorous and easy, nobility of older generation entrepreneur idiosyncratic differ somewhat, this is it possible that be also with when is all entered, the result that is times changes?

Entrepreneur also likes recreation, need of business already battalion is famous degree give no cause for more criticism, but regard development business as the direction indicator of real estate,
And development business from praise the spokesman that is an industry is a bit incorrect head, this kind of phenomenon not only the censure that causes people socially, on the informal discussion of responsibility real estate that holds a few days ago, a lead that builds a department also sharply denounce: The management personnel of a few enterprises of “ publishs carefree opinion on public affairs publicly, masses is not satisfactory, affected estate market to last healthy progress and social harmony are stable. ”

Really whatever circumstance, the occurrence that develops business often can become the center of media focusing, development business also can grudge none the ground prate, situation that talks about room city especially, analysis and judgement, and after the country comes on stage about policy, also regular meeting hears those who come from development business side not to leave feelings to censure, criticism. To the opinion on public affairs of the personage inside expert scholar, course of study, that is without attend to ground to be atttacked with debate means more.

In current estate market, the speech power that develops business has a place too too strong. Development business often also publishs opinion on public affairs with the identity of the old inside course of study, the policy that gives a government even decides tune, this also may be these year of estate market the habit that develops nurturance according to the interest relationship that develops business all the time. But the opinion on public affairs of business of a few development because sex of profit impact purpose is too strong, consider none even reach basic fact to say to oneself.

For instance, the estate profit issue that discussed last year. As a result of house price rise the income of common people of speed far outclass increases rate, the common people that cans not afford a room is increasing, many people are in this among them problem end to be ask a price of development business all over the sky, earn unreasonable profit. Think to develop business profit margin to be in 100% even 200% , the profit margin of a few high-grade and villatic projects may achieve the there are plenty of such people of 500% , play weighs somebody besides peddle poison, estate may be the profession with current highest profit margin.

Many development business shows, the rate of ultimate net profit of “ estate is 26. 6 % , ” some says to have 17% only even the following, be less than even 10% . Some famous development business still refutes a rumor say, there often is the view of profit margin of 90 % , 50 % on “ media, it is the ” that does not have a basis. To ” of “ sudden huge profits two words, some development business appear very sensitive. But some famous estate businessman of the capital scruples none however: Without huge profit support, cannot build a brand, because this house property is tasted,the card should have sudden huge profits. If come from pay taxes a list of names posted up,look really, the position that was in by the platoon really as the real estate of industry of national economy pillar from the back, and having ten however from plute a list of names posted up rely on estate get rich, this is a very strange phenomenon.
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