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Wang Wenqi: There should be detailed rules more while room of finite property ri
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Since period of time, end from which place, build to include economy in active exploration what applicable room, cheap hires a room to wait inside is mutiple level housing guarantees a system, group of difficulty of already clear will low income brings into safeguard object among them. The development that policy of relevant form a complete set also is following a practice is abounded ceaselessly perfect.

However, the person that should realize true house has its house, still a giant housing difficulty group nots allow to ignore, this is large quantities of having housing demand, did not buy the youth of room ability however, especially college graduate just worked before long youth. These people are the person with ability that economic society builds each, it is the senior talented person of a few domains even. Before before long, the author saves committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to talk about climate in the Guangdong that comes from educational group with, he says, their institute gives 1 million yuan to had introduced a doctor very hard now, because Guangzhou house price is too high, 1 million yuan cannot buy pretty commodity house almost in the urban district, and the school also does not have welfare room. Accordingly, tall house price adds the housing of opposite domain to ensure blank, had become partial city to introduce corporeal obstacle of the talent.

Be aimed at this one problem, the Beijing that chief engineer Wang Tiehong was holding ministry of delegate of Beijing National People's Congress, construction a few days ago 13 National People's Congress expresses on the conference, after many young college graduate has a job, what care most is housing, but the housing problem of this part person still is done not have from go up at all get settlement, they buy room difficulty very big, the government should consider to build ” of room of “ finite property right, solve the housing problem of this part person. To this, beijing makes a response instantly, deputy mayor Chen Gang expresses, at present Beijing is exploring “ in actively ” of room of finite property right.

Youth housing is difficult the problem that is not one ground, it is difficult to solve youth housing, the strategy that is rising to compete for the talent between a kind of city chooses.

The concept of ” of room of “ finite property right appears already very long, look from traditional definition, ” of room of alleged “ finite property right, be the buys with ” of “ par value according to relevant policy housing in showing building everybody is buying public house or government or enterprise subsidy received in the process that build a house, building everybody enjoys complete occupation, access and limited punish authority, earnings power. As in those days welfare cent room once was brought about a few unjust with complaint, ” of room of finite property right executes the “ that looks simple to rise and not allow easy, want truly smooth and orderly operation to carry out rise, must one refines program perfectly. For instance, how is ” of “ finite property right restricted? Governmental subsidy how many? What relation are the standard value of ” of room of “ finite property right and market value? Why does the Fang Yuanru of ” of room of finite property right assure “ ? Should the area want to restrict? How many years does limitation appear on the market? Is the many teenager after buying a house OK buying and selling? By what standard to pay price difference? This a series of problems, want considerate.
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