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The Beijing of each body intermediary 10 years: ; Fat of some idle of Beng ?
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Fall in the rise and fall since estate intermediary, show slightly gloomy when, the profession of this at swords' points, also meet now and then show bright color.

Illegally or forcibly occupy a community at academic road, performed moving one act.

Laozhang is an old Beijing, circumjacent to community “ times ripe ” , and he is imperceptible in, the “ that became this community lives incorporeal ” .

In this community, laozhang has the credit of all community dweller, “ rents the person of the house puts the key of the house over him, someone should see a room, taking by Laozhang directly go looking. ” Xiaochen says. Laozhang is here, more moment are an enthusiastic neighbour only, is not a businessman.

Laozhang, do not belong to any an intermediary companies, the work of ” of all “ intermediary that assuming him to be in community however.

Busy season when, laozhang every month can make it the business of 34 buildings business, 10 control the business that the building rents. And he did this business already alone 11 years.

Here the facade of a shop that he leased to do homemaking to serve. This is a small shop that is less than 10 square metre, but the building business with this major community results from with the activity that rent this. “ homemaking just earns a chummage. Buy it is room, OK to rent a house look for him directly in inn. ” Xiaochen says. Xiaochen is friend of Laozhang, they had known 56 years, thenceforth begins, laozhang's base area is in this inn.

Laozhang is not willing to accept media to interview, how does the first pail of gold that is informed Laozhang very hard so send disinter to come. The neighbour that he assists community people sell, rental building is pure belong to individual behavior, nevertheless, come 11 years, the position of ” of “ all corners of the country that old Zhang Zaiji is in community has comparatived firm.

As a result of community of agelong quarter at in, the person all here knows Laozhang. If want to sell house, rental house, people meets him to register information actively in his inn. Many people that sell a house are to let him help before had rented the landlord of the house, the price rose to want to sell later, arrange its to be able to choose old Zhang Lai naturally to act as agent.

The landlord of house of old Zhang Daili basically is the acquaintance in community, because,also be this reason, his territory had not exceeded this community almost. The house that “ sells is in this community, can rent now and then the house of adjoining community, nevertheless the majority also is to be in this an area. ”

The income that Laozhang gains from this also is taking the tint that grumous neighborhood helps each other, he does not have unified rate, current condition is to sell a house, the meeting that buy the home pays Laozhang 1000-2000 yuan; Rental a house, landlord pays 200 yuan of fee that differ to 500 yuan with the meeting that rent a settle or live in a strange place. “ has chatted commonly, money is looked at. ” Xiaochen says. Because everybody feels embarrassed,give too little, at present so general situation is such. Even if such, this charge already far the rate under intermediary orgnaization. If pass intermediary to buy a house, buy the home and sell a general need to pay a building price respectively 2% with the commission of 1% , a 1 million yuan house, the need that buy the home pays the middleman's fee of 20 thousand; And if pass intermediary orgnaization to rent a house, the middleman's fee that need pays is the chummage of a month commonly. Be compared and character, of Laozhang collecting fees is symbolistic only. He won't follow “ commonly person selling a house wants money. If price sells well, or building door not quite good sell went out, person selling a house can give him actively a few money. ” Xiaochen expresses.
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