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Approach campus Spring Festival " stay behind a group of things with common feat
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Was on winter vocation, but in insular city a lot of colleges, many students abandon coming home however. Because each college adopted all sorts of measure to encourage a student to come home,spend the New Year, the student that because do not have,stays behind is less and less, but “ of the campus in winter vacation stays behind a group of things with common features the circle of ” however as before, it is what reason the it is the as most significant as family to let these students aux would rather reunion opportunity in abandoning one year, in joining gens of campus staying behind? How does their winter vacation spend again? The reporter undertook interviewing recently.

Big 4 students of one mind asks prospect

It is at the door Qingdao college school, the reporter sees from what go hurriedly inside school small Suntong learns. Should be asked about whether to come home when spending the New Year, she laughs laugh say: “ graduated immediately, making the best of time to study two evidence is correct path, year can pass again later. ”

Xiaosun says, she from rise before half an year big 4 since all the time flounder is in all sorts of invite applications for a job apply for a job on the meeting, but did not find proper job all the time till now, of a lot of own satisfaction, ask the computer or English is close friends, still ask to the driver's license is waited a moment even, these “ hardware ” ask to allow Xiaosun have no other way, she says to stay in the school to see a book learn professional knowledge namely before oneself, should go up now battlefield what learn in the school before ability discovery is far insufficient, now before remnant graduates exclusive a holiday, cannot set his mind at to come home like in former years again of course spent the New Year, stay to prepare more studying a few evidence just is correct path. She says she signed up for the school around one grooms the winter vacation English of the class and computer groom, preparation takes certificate of English of below 6 class and computer country this year 2 class certificate.

Be on winter vocation already 3 days, chinese marine university is big 4 students Xiaolin is publicizing the help wanted in column inside busy research officer. The reporter sees her before the sea publicizes column greatly when, she is looking at information of a invite applications for a job, there still is two triplets paper in the hand. Contact phone edge writes down to say by the side of her: “ invite applications for a job can attend ten, but work to had been not fulfilled now, if coming home, pa Mom listens to did not find the job to be able to worry again, can say to jackaroo here with them only, clutch next apply for a job. Want to look for a short-term part-time job to earn living cost above all now of course. ”

In the discovery in interviewing, the college stays behind a group of things with common features in, hold Xiaolin the student of this kind of idea was occupied one, a fellow student that abandons coming home to apply for a job says: “ spends the New Year come home, relatives and friends can ask certainly find what good job, they just perhaps greet, but if had not found the job, pa Mom and oneself feel to do not have face very much, so flat did not come home. ” still has in addition many big 4 students state this winter vacation does not come home likely, the reason is there can be a lot of units to lack a person during the Spring Festival, the chance that apply for a job is more.
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