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Bureau of Beijing civil administration: Olympic Games opening day cannot be regi
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Xinhua net message: Reported on January 27 according to Beijing of dust humble company, have every year by tens of thousands the Chinese is in the auspicious day on this Oriental and traditional sense held wedding on August 8. This year comfortable on August 8 meet Beijing Olympic Games kicks off, hopeful of large quantities of ” of wedding of “ Olympic Games were held that day, because this Beijing shifts to an earlier date,half an year begins to prepare to receive this to marry tide.

Guo Xu of deputy director general of bureau of Beijing civil administration is unripe say: We had begun “ preparation receives an Olympic Games tide of " marriage " . ” his proposal has marry the single men and women of intent people should apply for to marry as early as possible date.

Beijing in the bookshops ever had rumor: Because the government organization rests during the Olympic Games, cannot register on August 8 so marry. For this, guo Xu is unripe must refute a rumor publicly, “ single men and women can choose to be in marry any day, why be no good on August 8? ”

Have marry the person of apiration can deal with application matters concerned personally, the website of Beijing government government that perhaps uses through was being thrown 2007 offers application, but can choose time limits only on the website, and rather than is specific date. Accordingly, whether can marry on August 8 will depend on the luck of applicant. OK and affirmatory is, the whole world will have 2008 pairs of new personality to favour attended You Mou group and Beijing Yan Qing county on August 8, 2008 large marriage celebrates the beatific Olympic Games that agency of the 8 special zones that amount to mountain sponsors jointly grand ceremony, they will be in China royal collective wedding is held on Great Wall of the famousest historic site ——— .

The Chinese has deep love for digital “8” , because be in mandarin,be, it and “ get rich the pronunciation of word of “ hair ” of ” is very approximate, accordingly they believe to marry in this day can bless marital happiness.

Olympic Games hot ” is not “ to affect merely bridal, still affect new student population of China: Predict 2008 Olympic Games year China will have 10 thousand babies of 1 800 to be born, this number increased than 2007 500 thousand. Among them a lot of babies mixed those who be born in Olympic Games around in July in August.

Expert warning says, wet ” of baby of Olympic Games “ may cause these new lives bed is lacked in the hospital, make they go to school in the future possibly still, obtain employment when the competition with more brutal experience. However, permit father and mother and did not shrink back before the warning.