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Achieve brightness hire carry out fair show a solution to say to will introduce
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The “ that gets attention fully is achieved brightness ” of the incident that hire carry out had article eventually. Was in a few days ago achieve brightness website of the group that hire carry out, city of head office Shenzhen is achieved brightness limited company of adviser of the estate that hire carry out makes known his position publicly, already many investor agreement or intent are added endowment of partial city achieve brightness subsidiary, the tentative plan that introduces investor of compose of large scale computer at the same time still is in practice effort. Announcement says finally, once the company enters normal operation state, predict to will be in “ solves uptodate capital to pay an issue completely inside two months. ”

Achieve brightness the respect that hire carry out says, because the company is decision-making error, had extended fast, it is under a variety of element influences, bring about at present money of many yuan of 2000 RMB (contain inn of fulfil of firewood of partial business money, part, part to hire) cannot pay in time. Give in its fair in shown “ solution ” , achieve brightness hire carry out to express, company author Lin Fenghui will execute financing for the company through all sorts of channel, in order to solve current problem.

In the specific financing program that offers in its, the client money that the public fixes eyes on this on one hand, achieve brightness the statement that hire carry out, will apply “ dish vivid asset ” , namely through selling oneself business paves the way of property, in order to pay a client money. And in industry financing respect, achieve brightness hired carry out to put forward social financing, debt to turn, employee is noted endowment wait for a few kinds of means.

According to divulging, already investor agreement is added endowment Changsha is achieved brightness hire carry out 1 million yuan, predict all disbursement to be able to solve place before New Year the problem has capital surplus. In addition, still investor intent is added endowment Guangzhou is achieved brightness hire carry out 5 million yuan, and of the each district such as city of Zhongshan, benefit, Nanchang, Wuhan, Chongqing achieve brightness the subsidiary that hire carry out, all also have different dimensions add endowment intent. Achieve brightness president of the group that hire carry out does chief Zhang Min to express, become a shareholder the form of head office capital stock can bring small investment, because these many investor decides,with becoming a shareholder the means of each district subsidiary undertakes.

And achieve oneself brightness hire carry out to hold water initiative the “ that is alluded introduces orgnaization investor ” this one topic, also was brought into formally this in the solution. Zhang Min expresses to the reporter, at present already investor of many large orgnaization is in with achieve brightness hire carry out to undertake osculatory, hope for can give from structure of legal person processing perfect, promote business development.
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