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Buy a house now appropriate macroscopical policy of 8 years can have what tenden
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2007, chinese estate market after many queasy, specific city is like the average room price of Shenzhen, it is advanced half an year rose to make an appointment with 1 times first, second half of the year goes quickly below macroscopical adjusting control low again, experienced a complete parabola. How the development trend of market of estate of look upon China? What kind of tendency can policy level have again? This is the problem that a lot of people care.

Safeguard sex housing gives water

Analyse the policy of macroscopical adjusting control 2007, can discover its thinking is clearer and clearer, this also is decision-making branch is on the foundation of the experience before drawing lessons from this, lesson, had more intimate knowledge to estate market.

Compare typical case, for instance various government increased construction economy the strength that applicable room, cheap hires the safeguard sex housing such as the room, this is right. Before this, many macroscopical adjusting control are to be on commodity house make an issue of, as a result discovery cannot have too big effect. The reason depends on, the economic income of most town dweller is finite, although the government hits the price of commodity house forcibly,come down a bit, they are very difficult also capable to buy. What is more,the rather that, development business and intermediary often shift policy cost, changing the law pushs house price tall, the effort that the government relies on macroscopical adjusting control to hit the price that control a house effects is very small. Below this kind of circumstance, various government sums up a lesson, concentrate energy on housing of construction safeguard sex, it is very well-advised practice.

Additional, with before “ country country of 8 ” , “ the policy of macroscopical adjusting control such as 6 ” is different, the policy 2007 is more specific, have maneuverability more, this is a very great progress. For instance, released on September 27, 2007 about raising the 2nd ring room head pays proportional new politics, and after this a series of explanations, specification, controlling aspect of demand of house property speculation, the effect is very apparent. According to the statistic of relevant section, the average room price of and other places of Guangzhou, Shenzhen has begun a callback, although range is not quite big still, but the might of policy of macroscopical adjusting control is already preliminary show.

Accordingly, what tendency can the macroscopical policy 2008 have?

Various government can implement the policy that ensures sexual housing construction further, build economy more applicable room, cheap rents a house, let estate of town low income the room lives, accord with the central demand that builds harmonious society.

Taxation respect may have major change. The property tax with everybody for instance long already discussion, it has increase house property to retain the link cost, function that controls investment and speculation demand. Current, the whole nation already had city of a few provinces to begin ” of idling of property tax “ to move. Predicting likelihood is in pilot 2008, and most begin to collect from commercial real estate first, then expands levy object the owner that has many house, progressively implementation should own house property only should pay taxes. Allegedly, door of Ministry of finance has been been opposite how to assess tax of praedial, property the problem such as duty radical and tax rate undertakes study.
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