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Beijing will is this year often live archives of health of dweller construction
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Partial community doctor is entered door build archives to encounter difficult problem

One of 59 real issues that Beijing drafts to do this year establish family and individual health record for urban and rural dweller namely. Yesterday (16 days of) , ministry of Public Health is announced " community sanitation job runs a system (try out stalks of grain) " regulation, dweller health archives is followed every year at least seek a record 4 times. As we have learned, in the process that entering an investigation to establish healthy record at present, the doctor encountered Beijing part community take a difficult issue.

The basis runs a system, healthy archives includes domestic health archives, individual health record. Domestic health archives every, individual health archives everybody is one, become for the unit with the family book. Individual health archives deposits dispersedly, should indicate in domestic health archives its deposit the ground. The archives of different chronic patient should try to distinguish, have soldier of hypertensive, diabetic, coronary heart disease, head the patient of medium, tumour, answer to affix red, green, orange, blue, black to mark respectively on healthy archives bag. After healthy archives is built, follow every year at least seek a record 4 times, have trends government.

Beijing plans to pass orgnaization of sanitation of thousands of community of whole town this year, to dweller of all census register and above of half an year of life is in Beijing often live dweller, launch general investigation of state of health of the whole people, establish healthy record. Nevertheless, the doctor that sanitation of a few community serves an orgnaization is being entered door a few problems were encountered when building archives. "The person of old the city zone door detached phenomenon is particularly serious, exceed an in part almost, often knock open the door discovery is not householder, rent a house temporarily however, a lot of archives are built do not rise. "A community doctor tells a reporter, still have home of a few dwellers long-term and unmanned, even if is to use time goes in the evening, also be nobody answer the door.

Additional, a few dwellers belong to medical treatment at public expenses, perhaps did not join protect, do not go usually community sees a doctor, healthy to building archives also not quite cooperate. Community of sunny Ou Mou is pregnant the dweller of 5 months says: "I fear the technology of community doctor is bad, whether to build archives to still be in so hesitant. Whether to build archives to still be in so hesitant..

Establishing healthy record is to eliminate a lot of illnesses at bud among bud, alleviate it is difficult that large hospital sees a doctor. Establish healthy record in the round only, successional, whole journey manages health of ability implementation dweller.

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