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Wuhan rents a house - the handsome young man searchs a belle to close hire
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Wuhan - number of rental room source: 2186403 releases time: 2008-09-23 04:21:35
The price: 100 yuan
Area: 20 smooth rice
Crucial option: The men and women is not restricted oneself are in river bank of Wuhan Chinese mouth a yuan of road has the area one-room flat housing, independent toilet, the kitchen is as common as one grandpa, furniture is all ready, have air conditioning, water heater, desk and chair, computer desk, chest, the room is ventilated good, wintry warm summer is cool, the hope can look for the clear pure belle with a virtuous beauty to be hired together, the person that have intention asks connection: Phone: 15871801293, QQ: 123799648
This person university graduates a few years, be engaged in designing the job at present, without unhealthy addiction, smooth nowadays class now and then get online in the home, play play game, also do not have undesirable friend, the person that call in is college fellow student more, and those who come is less, as hiring person do not like to disturb, if have classmate party, or because the respect such as the job, life needs to meet,I can go over there the classmate! !

Contact: The complete information that this user releases Mr Wang
Contact means: 15871801293