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CPPCC Hubei Zigui suggestions inspection efforts to promote the work of low-re
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Improve low-rent housing system and speed up resolution of housing problems of urban low-income families is the party's congress made clear requirements. Order to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and State Council's decision-making arrangements, to promote the local low-rent housing and support, and strive to realize the people "who have the Home, Home Ownership" target, 23 November afternoon, part of the CPPCC Hubei Zigui CPPCC National Committee members low-rent housing for the county were inspected security work. The inspection team inspected the garden, the garden Cheng, Chu Sing, nine in the other low-rent housing projects, listen to the county Housing Authority low- cost housing construction on the county report, on this basis, the CPPCC members brainstorming, offer advice and suggestions for promoting Local low-cost housing security work that inspired the idea to play an important role. Hubei Zigui low-cost housing security work since 2007 inception, to the central budget for investment, local funds supporting the approaches to, has to fight low-cost housing project 5 (owned by the state three-lane, nine years, Cheng Garden, Chu Sing and garden, etc.) for funding more than 4,800 yuan. Up to now, a total investment of 7,000 million low-rent housing projects have been completed and 4 (three-state owned, nine years, Cheng Garden, Chu Sing), 41,931 square meters. Urban residents in low-income housing hardship are 2620, 6000 people have enjoyed Shiwupeizu low-cost housing and rental subsidies warmth. Cheng Garden, Chu Xinglian rental projects are in the first half of 2009 and 2010 in Hubei Province "safe and civilized construction of building works (Chutian Cup) Award." Housing support work for three consecutive years the county was named in Yichang City, "Advanced Unit of housing security." From the inspection point of view, Hubei Zigui low-rent housing guarantee work has the following characteristics: (A) leadership attention. Set up headed by the governor, deputy head in charge of county, construction, finance, land, development and reform, housing management, and civil affairs departments involved in security work leading group housing, the establishment of a joint work of housing security system, clear responsibilities of various departments. County government in the annual government work report indicators included in the construction of low-rent housing for the people of the "ten things", one of a public commitment to the community and will work into the low-rent housing guarantee the end of the performance appraisal content. (B) improve and perfect the mechanism. As there are plans to carry out low-rent housing and support, and the spirit of "Yingbaojinbao" principle, with 3-5 years to solve urban housing problems of low-income families without housing, based on thorough investigations in earnest, according to county economic development, personnel changes and housing demand, the county developed a "no housing low-income urban housing security plan", "low cost housing allocation", "low-rent housing management approach" and to ensure the orderly conduct of housing security. (C) scientific and rational design. Planning and site selection as close to hospitals, schools, public transport and other infrastructure and convenient location, reducing the cost of living low-rent housing tenants. For different levels of demand, the design of structures of different size and shape in 楼栋, interior decoration, residential green landscape dotted with so fully embody the concept of people-oriented and tangible things and good things for the basic requirements. (D) management standardized and orderly. First, the "three special" management of funds, so that the accounts, special accounts, personnel management; the second is the "four" system management projects, adhere to the bidding system, project legal system, project management, financial examination and approval system; third is " five packets of "management of a project that is a live person in charge of arrangements transverse to the edge, vertical in the end, including the progress, including the quality, safety package, including data compilation, the package for inspection audit. Local efforts to promote low-cost housing for the security work, and strive to realize the people "who have the Home, Home Ownership" target, the inspection team recommends that: (A) further raise awareness and strengthen leadership. Solve the housing problems of low-income people in financial difficulties and do the work of urban low-rent housing guarantee is an important livelihood issues related to social stability, construction, planning, land, housing, civil affairs, finance, community committees and other aspects, the departments concerned should according to their own responsibilities, work together, cooperate, and jointly do a good job. Should solve the housing difficulties of urban low-income families as an important basis for assessing sector, as a government public service is an important responsibility, in accordance with the requirements of the overall plans and annual plans, a clear mandate, time, work to strengthen measures to implement the work responsibilities, increased supervision and inspection, and promote the work of local low-cost housing security to a new level. (B) to further increase investment and solve financial difficulties. Building low-cost housing is the biggest financial constraints, to effectively promote the low-cost housing construction, "Yingbaojinbao" target, the key is to implement various policies and measures to increase investment. First proposed annual plan in accordance with low-cost housing construction in the central financial assistance, based on the county to ensure that local matching funds construction of low-rent housing; The second is to increase up to fight efforts to take full advantage of central government has promulgated a series of policies to fight up cost housing construction projects and funds to increase the amount of low-rent housing community serving; also suggested the higher authorities to consider the basis of field level Zigui difficult mountain special circumstances, to improve low-rent housing subsidies mountain counties; third conditions are ripe, and if possible, mobilize the community contributions to support low-cost housing construction. (C) the responsibility to further strengthen and improve the management mechanism. In the specific implementation of low-rent housing guarantee work, we should formulate and improve the rigorous application, review, publicity, registration, distribution system, by the construction, housing management, civil, community and other relevant units of the application object's household income, population and housing conditions were strictly audit checks in accordance with the provisions of a dynamic management approach, in accordance with fair, just and open manner, the implementation of the sun operation, widely accepted by the community and people's supervision, to ensure protection of the family fell on government resources effectively, and truly most in need of warmth difficulties in the family. To establish and improve access to reasonable exit mechanism, according to family income to enjoy the protection of low-rent housing conditions change, their qualifications, manner, amount, adjust the access standards in a timely manner, and constantly expand coverage. (D) to further promote education, create a public atmosphere. Solve the housing difficulties of urban low-income families, reflecting the party and the state's care and concern for disadvantaged groups, reflects the people-centered scientific concept of development is a good policy benefits the country. News, publicity, television, radio, newspapers and other media to open a special column, extensive publicity, the masses, especially housing hardship to maximize the understanding of policy, understanding policies, raise public awareness, care and support to low-cost housing construction management. Establish a housing hardship while also encouraging self-reliance, hard work awareness, rely on themselves through their own efforts to address and overcome the difficulties in life. Through extensive in-depth publicity and education, the formation of low-cost housing construction sectors of society to care for and support a good atmosphere for public opinion. (E) further innovation, to ensure the system operation. Hubei Zigui "county housing security center" and the County Housing Authority under one roof, few people work more arduous tasks, especially in the last two years of service the county center, drawn by the staff frequently, by pumping out a long time, the proportion of too large, so that normal operation of the functions of the work affected. Recommended that local county government to consider the actual situation, due to increase staffing; County Housing Authority has to innovation, to maximize the potential of cadres and workers to ensure that the work of the county low-rent housing guarantee normal operation.