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Apartment of Ya Yun Cun rents new fashion- - Ou Liu is classical " manner style
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Be located in group of trade of Ya Yun Cun to wave the triumphal city to the south of bright shopping centers 3 period “ style sends ” , village environment is beautiful, circumjacent business establishment is all ready, bank of electric equipment of supermarket of proximate a magic weapon, Su Ning, much home and market of meal of Ya Yun Cun. 13 10 date, lines and many 5 date, public transportation circuitry hand in the subway collect hereat, have extremely convenience liaison man. This project is apartment of small family clothbound more, the price is in 2500—4500 yuan / between the month, the first selection that is lone white-collar or fourth gram gens occupies place.

According to acting as agent this project rents the Jin Cheng of business believes estate company to introduce, eliminate the dominant position on traffic and environment beyond, apartment itself go up to also having absolutely advantage moderately in living easy. Those who develop business high quality scales is elegant decorate, brand-new furniture electric equipment, and perfect property serves, make resident need not not reach home appliance breakdown completely for establishment in residence wait for bagatelle and by increase trouble. And the reception that is set in the style to send property to be in stands, can accomplish you to see a room at any time at any time.