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Beware " sublessor " website open up closes hire channel to rent a house more re
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“ is northeast village of door of the Guang Xi side 3 annulus, bridal chamber, 90 square metre 2 rooms one hall, be about to rent south to, every months 900 yuan of ……” yesterday (27 days) afternoon, see when Miss Wang this “ is cheap and fine of ” close when hiring information, contact with tenement immediately, 100 yuan of subscription were handed in on the spot after seeing a room. Miss Wang says: &I am in Ldquo; Beijing 3 years, hire a room to live all the time, and had made medium, know prices, this combines the communal space such as the room sitting room that rent, kitchen, toilet very big, use rise a bit to also be differred unlike one-room flat, but more than one-room flat petty gain, the hire of one-room flat month of this a sector of an area is controlled in 1600 yuan commonly. A lot of now having of experience, be willing to search close rent a house. ” as we have learned, although join the venture that rent a house big, policy is not encouraged, but because low-cost, there is the market more and more now, and supply and demand two flourishing, make a lot of veteran that rent a house and the only choice of the personage inside course of study even. The estate website of delicacy of a few smell, also monarch in succession give “ to close hire channel ” .

Website open up closes lease channel

In Miss Wang give directions below, yesterday evening the “ of net of room of reporter entry search closes hire channel ” . The reporter sees on the net, add up to the building that lease to compare petty gain really, and the place is better, be in mostly 4 annulus less than, lunar hire is given priority to to 1000 yuan with 600 yuan. Be like east straight door 3 rooms one hall, 20 square metre 1, the month hires 1000 yuan; Garden of careless bridge glad one hall of 2 rooms, 18 square metre 1, the month hires 700 yuan; Depression village of Haidian division plant 3 rooms one hall, 14 square metre 1, the month hires 900 yuan of …… although these room sources are low-cost, but the requirement is some more also, general the mainest demand is a same sex, have formal job. Still have those who take additional requirement, be like best and lone, be restricted female or husband and wife, love clean to wait.

According to reporter statistic, in most website, such room source is controlled in 200 everyday, and clinch a deal rate is very rapid.

Close hire careful “ sublessor”

Nevertheless, miss Wang also discloses, close hire although the room is cheap, but because release,add up to the individual that hires information to be “ sublessor ” more, the person that rent a house meets very hard with former house-owner, the risk is very big also. She ever had eaten to have a deficit before. “ sublessor ” owes former house-owner hire, ran later, caused 2000 multivariate losses to her, because of this novice renting a house to just going to Beijing, she does not suggest everybody closes for map petty gain and person hire. If close with the person,hire, best visibility former house-owner; Cannot see, want special attention to identify card body to “ sublessor ” , examine “ sublessor ” to whether there is the right to let this building relet its produce the contract that rent and the proof of relevant property right that offer this house during its are rented. Additional as we have learned, because “ closes,hiring ” risk a few bigger, a lot of intermediary companies do this kind of business rarely, “ is become to add up to the distribution centre that hires ” room source on the net. But for avoid risk, there all is “ above information to be released by promulgator proper motion on the website, security is in charge of the model of written characters of ” by promulgator proper motion.
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