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The graduate existence that rent a house loves school complex expert to give dir
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Graduate hires a room to having love school complex thickly

The graduate this year protruding that rent shows two kinds of change and two kinds of changeless characteristics, have fasten the market at in former years. Add up to personage of major of rich buy course of study to point out, whenever be the busy season that graduate rents 67 months, this economic capacity that rents a personage partly is finite, hope to be able to find hire to compare substantial house, cost lives to save in the meantime, meeting apt seeks a room around working unit, reduce commuted travelling expenses and time, the student looks for subway along the line or also having is the property that adjacent traffic point waits for by public transportation station goes to work with going to the lavatory, still partial student union is reluctant to leave campus life, the choice rents a house around the school.

Graduate hires room old practice

5 hill: “ of sublease of “ sublessor ” has price difference”

Xiaoli and small fish are the college graduate that comes from Guangdong Nanhai, the lock when graduating last year decides 5 hill to seek a room, because 5 hill stand by day Heibei, take 78 cars road of a few stations arrives. They hire a net to find Cen Cun to be in farmer rented house through closing on the net at the beginning. House building is 4 tall, every are a two rooms one hall, xiaoli and small fish stay in the big room of 2 buildings, the schoolboy that looks for sublease from the net lives cubby. One office month rents this two rooms 1000 yuan, their burden 600 yuan, the schoolboy pays 400 yuan, each rotation Zhang reachs every month on the Zhang of landlord.

These two girls moved the home this year, move the dweller on golden hill edifice from ” of countryside of Cen Cun “ in the building, the company that reachs large building of bank of the people's livelihood of north of the Milky way on foot everyday goes to work, cost omits even liaison man come down. They think, the road that Cen Cun comes out often fills in car, aux would rather floriferous 200 yuan of buildings that lease a traffic to go to the lavatory. Also be this to follow others sublease, those who hire them is ” of sublessor of a “ . They hear to live before this individual here, discovery begs the graduate that hire later a lot of, hire all and rental unit that left this dweller floor then, next sublease of one by one from which “ eats price difference ” , also became the way of an unripe money actually.

New harbor road: Defer obtain employment campus rents a settle or live in a strange place much

Mike is Shenzhen the administrator of enterprise of a foreign capital. He is graduated from Zhongshan university two years ago a graduate school, major at that time classmate finds the job, he is only right ” of working “ choose whatever is to one's personal advantage, result lane graduates into “ namely unemployed ” . After Mike moves a dormitory, in moving a friend to be in big inside lease the building below.
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