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Building of exposure of the Ministry of Public Security hires method of bilk of
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According to message of Chinese the Ministry of Public Security, mechanism of each district public security is mirrorred, the near future, the building is rented, the crime such as bilk of sale market contract presents much hair state, the case appears amount of record giving experience number of big, fall victim is much, involve an area wide wait for a characteristic, the belongings security that endangered people badly and society are stable. Public security mechanism reminds numerous people to raise vigilance, beware be duped.

Main crime method:

(One) the bilk that the building hires carry out intermediary to carry out

1, use beguiling method to hold back client capital, its detinue or use at investment, turn borrow wait for risk project. The person that building intermediary company asks to buy a house will buy room security, head pay, the money that buy a house stock intermediary company to assign account, by them “ is kept for you ” , use the time difference that deals with the formalities that buy a house, undertake investment, turn borrow wait for risk project, in getting short-term profit. This kind of “ is torn open east the wall fills on the west of wall ” once appear,run way problem, final meeting brings about capital catenary to rupture cause a loss. Like what detect of mechanism of Tianjin city public security did 2006 in a contract bilk case, capital of use client of detinue of company of some building intermediary is close 145 million yuan, involve masses 1486 people.

2, intermediary company incites company staff and other disguise oneself as to buy room person, sign building business contract with person selling a house, after paying a few deposit or partial house money, reach building change the name of owner in a register to buy room person under one's name phonily, gain profit the building resell of diddle or guaranty illegally from which finally. In the case of bilk of contract of company of some estate broker that detect of mechanism of Zhejiang province public security handles, guilty suspect is cheated in all with this method building 54, value more than yuan 4600.

3, use the machine that to buy room person to do sth for sb the bank borrows money to give a bank house property pledge, risk the identity document that uses the person that buy a house next, the loan possess oneself of that the bank extends. 2004 Shanghai company of some estate intermediary commits the crime more than 10 cases continuously with this method, the bank that detinue should belong buyer borrows money more than yuan 700.

4, announce false building to rent, sale information, sign with the client hire the room, contract that buy a house, cost of diddle client intermediary reachs deposit.

(2) estate develops business or the individual is in open to booking, when selling a house, hide the fact that the building already mortgaged or already offerred, the means diddle another person that takes one room to sell more buys house fund. In a contract bilk case that mechanism of Qinghai province public security handles, money of house of the person that some company buys a house more than times 80 with this method diddle in all more than yuan 600.
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