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Clever landlord house of lease of 5 big lethal a magic weapon actually very easy
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Rent the house, although cannot be raised in order to hire,borrow, but always wear than closing for nothing strong. But, a large number of houses enter the market that rent, hire falls again, how to go to house lease, became a knowledge.

Hire a room to look for “ intermediary”

Many landlord rent him house advertises, release information everywhere, think to be able to save next brushstroke “ intermediary to expend ” so. Great majority hires little imagine now the guest looks mark is made clear, hire a room to arrive building dish the intermediary around turns circuit, can find very quickly appropriate oneself house. Supplying at present far on the renting market of over demand, exchange building breakfast to be hired with the hire that is less than half month, extraordinary to landlord be to one's profit. So, have room hack landlord, the intermediary door store that reachs rapidly on the side hangs a card, let a house enter the “ freeway ” that clinch a deal.

Dare to put “ key”

Many renting that the building rents to facilitate, decorate not only luxurious and provide complete set high-grade furniture, home appliance. Landlord is prevent an accident, put the key on him body commonly, the client opens the door personally see a room. In fact, the Duobunai renting a settle or live in a strange place nowadays is irritated, after often expressing the intention that rent a house with the clerk, with respect to the requirement the spot sees a room, hire a guest to be willing to wait for landlord to show up rarely see a room together. Intermediary is forced to have door store key room to take a client to look first, contact landlord to come quickly hastily. The result often is, landlord has not arrived, rent a settle or live in a strange place already pitch on another house. What hire the most easily in intermediary company so is ” of “ key room. The intermediary company safety factor that much, straight battalion runs store of big, chain compares general door store tall, landlord can put a person's mind to put the key.

Decorate excel semifinished product

The standard that hires a guest to rent a house for the most part is to live comfortable. The …… drawing mark on house apical break, wall may feel as landlord these “ blemish ” are very reasonable, but rent a settle or live in a strange place however very care about. Just think is deserted semifinished product big house, one is to contain comfortable wooden floor to decorate Xiaofang model, hire a guest to be willing to choose to live in more of course have the house that decorate in. So, the feeling that lets hire a guest to have the home is to decide he hires the key that does not rent a house.

Office VS lives

Beg rent big house model in renting a settle or live in a strange place, have many it is strong area big, suit office to come. Often 35 people hire dirty to be office place. Face this kind to rent a settle or live in a strange place, a lot of landlord are not accepted, fear office staff is noisy particularly and become to building outfit build and repair excessive damage, so demand of a lot of office cannot find appropriate room. Be aimed at this kind of group, the landlord that the room wants to hire should not let off this kind of opportunity. Because hire the company that the residence handles official bussiness to just regard a contact as the dot its, be opposite occasionally of the residence wear away to be compared instead live come smally.
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