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Investment -1294967296, wuhan ocean world, pan Longcheng shakes the body becomes
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Yesterday, favour witnessed Wuhan polar and marine world begins construction foundation stone laying ceremony, of the main leader such as seedling secretary attend, the unusual that shows project of this one office - - investment -1294967296, cover an area of 500 mus, water area area more than mus 600, ……2009 of small town of amorous feelings of highway of polar and marine park, travel, Europe year, here will be round the common people of Wuhan dream of park of a theme, and its are in the Panlong of guttural thoroughfare —— that leads to Pan Longcheng area by city big bridge, such climate favourable geographical position, pan Longcheng will shake the body turns into ground of a geomantic treasure, price of Pan Longcheng house rise steeply! !

The project plans to pursue, look very beautiful ~The picture is clicked can open in new window examine

Planned to build 2000, up to now however the “ below the foot of a hill of Home Wu Changyu that does not have sign is Oriental Disney Eden of ”—— the Yangtse River, the “ of either end of a bridge of Hanyang of bridge of settle month lake is round-the-world and orgiastic Spring 2006 fine time ” , the citizens that once let this city that lacks thematic park for a time cheer caper, however because of a variety of reasons, its are to leave cloudily as a result ……

According to the report, after park of theme of polar and marine world builds Wuhan, will with the tourist attraction forms “ all round Pan Longhu chrysanthemum of beauty spot —— of Pan Longhu of —— of area of travel of scenery of city of Panlong of —— of polar and marine world is waterlogged circuitry of travel of ancient town ” , drive travel further the development of relevant industry, anticipate attract one tourist every year, your Wuhan is had this historical city gave coruscate more distinctive charm 3500.

I wish, the implementation that park of Wuhan person theme dreams, can be expected soon