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Smooth valley area leaves build large hospital
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The burgeoning the city zone that regards key of smooth valley area as program and construction flows fragrant new garrison post, the dweller predicts to reach 600 thousand person, large quantities of one foreign capital enterprises such as group of ability of Kang Ke of international of the core in already gathering, Fuji, and Wuhan is heavy-duty ten large companies such as limited company of power of machine tool factory, Wuhan boiler factory, the Yangtse River, also garrisoning its are burgeoning the city zone flows fragrant new garrison post. Predict 2010, this area resident will amount to above of 600 thousand person, still have in addition quite college student of the amount.

Current, guan Shan sheds fragrant area to Jiang Xia, without hospital of a 3 armour, not only this area resident reachs large hospital go to a doctor, need the 1 car Cheng to 2 hours, staff of the personnel of new and high technology that works in Guang Gu and company is unavailable also favorable medical treatment assures.

Huang Congxin of dean of province people hospital introduces, cover an area of 250 mus, this courtyard that floor area amounts to 250 thousand square metre east after courtyard building, will make medical treatment of a collect, education, scientific research the omnibus hospital at an organic whole. Whole project is divided period finish, next year August head period after complete, of will basic can contented dweller inside, outside, Fu, and the medical treatment demand such as emergency call and healthy check-up, project total time limit for a project is 3 years.

To assure east the medical treatment level of the courtyard, before visitting people hospital 2 years, wear with respect to proceed talent reserve, already had ready-made of many 200 outstanding talent of tall record of formal schooling at present, relevant course leader still will face countrywide invite applications for a job.