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Policeman routine examination saves below two by girl of hold sb under duress
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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Chu Tianjin signs up for) report of person of outstanding talent of Zhou Wei of reporter of engage by special arrangement's reporter: On Feburary 13 morning 11 when make 30 minutes, favour boundless of policeman of exercitation of squadron of Longfeng of group of the policeman that use town, routine official business bars the car that parks a brand to be change Fn6350. After the car stops, 6 people hold inside the car that boundless discovers to this nucleus holds 5 people, then boundless asks a driver courteously to get off accept investigation.
When taking the driver squadron office to go in boundless preparation, on the car two girls get off suddenly the sleeve that pulls boundless, cry greatly anxiously: "Uncle, save save us, we by hold sb under duress " . At this moment, on the car additional two men run quickly toward the hill around.
Boundless gives squadron the lead case report instantly, a few policemans are chased after quickly toward hill. In the meantime, wu Xiaojun of policeman general driver and control of another yellow surname man live.
According to this year Wang Fang of 22 years old (alias) the Ceng Xue with 18 years old (alias) introduce to the policeman, they are 10 thousand state division people of Chongqing city. 12 days of evening, they knew two runaway men in city of 10 thousand states. 13 days of before dawn, two people call up a car, get on Wang Fang and Ceng Xue hold sb under duress the car forcibly. On the road, wang Fang and Ceng Xue should be phoned also be rejected in the home, and forbid them open a mobile phone.
Current, this case still is in further investigation.
Eve afternoon 4 when make, in favour the arrangement of policeman of Long Fengzhong team leaves group of the policeman that use town, wang Fang and Ceng Xue take a long-distance sleeper passenger car that returns 10 thousand cities, set foot on the way home.