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The bridge that accumulate jade piece state of affairs of area estate developmen
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One, shallow analyse accumulates Yu Qiao piece classify

1) piece area program ranks fit person and business affairs space develops. Basis " area of Wu Changlin river 2 period environment and landscape construction plan " , downstream paragraph of “ Zhongshan road - ” of new student road is full-length1.8 kilometers kilometer, be located in the bridge that accumulate jade for the most part piece inside the area. Its program goal is build bank characteristic of Jiang Bin water is remarkable, close kiss water view scene with delightful afforest paragraph, at present this program has paid all at carrying out, the bridge that accumulate jade had formed fit person to rank an environment. The bridge that accumulate jade piece the area is the “ Changjiang Delta in program of construction of Wuhan city town core area ” , at present municipal government already area of headquarters of “500 strong company ”(key is patulous area) be here certainly, village of office of key hair trade, headquarters, recreation, high-grade office building, high-grade residence. A high-rise bristly, environment the area of business affairs of Wuhan city Changjiang Delta that trade of beautiful, classics flourishs, will be born here, a gleam of faces the advantage of the river to will live much betterly to accumulate Yu Qiao to bring with business affairs space.

2) piece area transportation situation is advantageous. The laky Sha Hu with the oldest urban district of Wuhan of this Ou Donglin, lie between lake and photograph of area of lake of fruit of seat of Hubei province government to look, xi Bin the Yangtse River, zhongshan road reachs south, lie between border on of old the city zone of phoenix hill and fierce prosperous. Area area 3.26 square kilometer, the dweller makes an appointment with 68 thousand person, piece there are 19 communities to reside inside the area appoint meeting. Limits of its the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site is: Railroad line and fierce prosperous area fizzle out along fierce east street of Home Xu canopy and border on of Hong Shan area, street of line of food of fierce prosperous area, China region market is received south, the Yangtse River is faced on the west, north is linked together to trigonometry road and Home Xu canopy, partly Duan Yuhong is a mountainous area and land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another. Public transportation circuitry has: 729, 606, 554, 573, 537, 804, 576, 586, 542, 511, 514, 539, 717, 43, 10 buses.
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