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Li Junfang of girl of double leg deformity: "I long to stand up "
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18 years old spend average age just about, however, village of mouth of Liu of celestial being peach 5 groups of Li Junfang of 18 years old can lie on the bed only however, suffer slight illness. Because do not have money to treat, she can lie on the bed only everyday.
2006, traffic accident changed her life, bring about her double leg causes damage. After cause trouble car escapes, the family of poor lifts debt to be treated for her, have an operation 5 times early or late. Up to now, she already lay in many days of on bed couch 600 day night. Expenses of later period operation does not have assured source, family everyday anxiety-ridden.
The reporter comes in Li Junfang's home yesterday. This is a house that did not whitewash, the door, window all was not installed, inside house of air cooling rinse, freeze the person is continuously to hit shiver. Li Wutao wears Li Junfang's father only an old coat, maternal Zhou Baolan is taking care of the daughter on sickbed. Posture of Li Junfang face is elegant, lie in the quilt, brushing the tear of canthus.
Lift a quilt one horn, zhou Baolan's orbit one red, "Cannot move two years, all day long is lying so, double leg of the child, so useless. " on the double leg that sees she is fine only, bestrewed black bruise and greatly little scar.
On May 17, 2006 afternoon 1 when make, when Li Junfang goes to road of Peng Gong of this city celestial being and crossroad of gold highway across, abrupt, a cart rushs to her, her run down is in the ground, wheel callosity ground from her grind on double leg press and pass. Li Junfang immediately unconscious, blood stream full ground. Cause trouble car escapes very quickly. Later, she is sent to emergency treatment of hospital of this city people by passerby.
At that time, after the Li Wutao that doing work in one construction site is informed this one message, drive toward the hospital hastily. Because the condition of an injury is serious, li Junfang turns the courtyard is treated with aid hospital to Wuhan. Face the medical charge of high specified number, li Wutao and wife take out preparation to establish the fund of the house, look for kin friend scrape together, maintained the daughter's order at long last. Li Junfang treated 102 days in the hospital, skin-grafting, go up armor plate, did greatly small 5 operations, will disable degree is decreased to lowest, but one pair fair-skinneds in vain originally slender double leg becomes 100 aperture of 1000 sore.
Because do not have money to treat, in those days in September, li Junfang returns the home in. "Without remedial money, we have live frugaly only, buy bit of drug, take care of child illness. " Zhou Baolan is saying, take garment horn to brush the gushing tear in orbit. In time of nearly two years, li Junfang can lie on the bed only, cannot go to the fields. "Mom, how do I think regain one's feet comes, work make money raise the home, do not let you worry about for me. " sensible Li Junfang says to the mother for many times. However, later period should become an operation 3 times, the medical treatment charge of ten lets Li Junfang a can find no way out.
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