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Go river 5 men rare traffic accident is encountered in beautiful road for wife M
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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Hunan day Metropolis Daily) (Qian Cun of reporter of engage by special arrangement) 14 days, go river 5 men drive to buy rose way for the wife in, experience traffic accident, lead to 3 dead the tragic of 2 injuries.
That evening 9 when make, the reporter hears the news the traffic accident spot that drives a Yu Qianjiang the city zone to the road austral Zhanghua, the policeman is in spot perambulate, a sedan is ulterly changed already, bodywork is complete cave in, there are gules bloodstain and scattering red rose on the seat inside the car.
According to many eyewitness introduction, that evening 8 when make, a sedan gallops southward from north, trace remaining part in a of roadside old freight car with berth suddenly, the before half part of sedan develops the railroad car root of old freight car, will old freight car drove a few meters forth.
After accident happening, local policeman and cure protect personnel to be driven instantly go to the spot to come to help. According to a policeman introduction, 5 men are shared inside the sedan when the accident, 2 people misfortune dies on the spot, additionally 3 people by urgent send medical service.
Yesterday afternoon, doctor of hospital of Qian Jiangzhong heart introduces, 3 get hurt in the man, rescue of 1 person classics is invalid die, additionally 2 people already escape from a danger.
As we have learned, 5 men are to go person of farm of river total mouth, make an appointment to drive to go together that day afternoon Jiangchen area, buy the Valentine's Day gift such as the rose for the wife, do not think up this tragic.
After making up
The night of the Valentine's Day, the rose is representing romance and happiness undoubtedly, but, merciless traffic accident brings disaster to a few families again. Romance can be built, life cannot come again however. Whenever He De, remember please: Your restful, it is the happiness with the biggest family!