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Firecracker inn before dawn meets with offer a reward of person arson merchant 1
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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Hunan day Metropolis Daily) firecracker inn before dawn meets with person arson, inside inn 3 escape an a sea of fire. 4 days happen in the calamity of this on fire of old bayou this month, branch of classics place fire control is maintained is factitious arson. Yesterday, offer a reward of merchant Lin Dongsheng collects clue 10 thousand yuan, the hope assists police to arrest arson suspect as soon as possible.
According to Introduction Lin Dongsheng, 4 days of before dawn 4 when make, he is alarmed by downstair noise, wake up at once wife. When opening bedroom door, smother blow on the face and come. He is busy had included the son with the quilt, 3 escape to building top, flee for his life from the corridor of elder brother home. The firecracker shop fire that is located in first floor burns bigger more, accompanying acuteness detonation. Fire control branch arrives in time, put out conflagration, just do not have the value in disaster and storehouse more than yuan 60 thousand firecracker, otherwise whole building can be browbeaten, and the 78 firecracker inn of disaster and photograph adjacent.
After the accident, group of fire control of old bayou city undertakes detailed perambulate to the scene of a fire, make appraisal conclusion yesterday, think to fasten factitious arson. One controller represents group of heavy proposal of group of gumshoe of public security bureau of old bayou city, because accident location is more remote, time is in again before dawn, this case still is in in detecting.
Merchant Lin Dongsheng is willing contributive 10 thousand yuan seek eyewitness and relevant case clue, assist police as soon as possible crack a criminal case, connect a telephone call: 13476310800. (salangane)