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Shanghai protection of public rental housing policy orbit pose a real problem
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Shanghai is quietly changing the protection of housing policy. Stabilize the soaring real estate as an important strategy to protect the housing scheme has been the central and local governments an important part of the long-term control. Previously, affordable housing, rental housing and housing relocation package together constitute the Shanghai housing security system. Among them, two years ago Jibei affordable housing in strong push for the protection of the local government system, the heavy head room. However, over the past year, the problems exposed in the operation, so that the main role in the fitness room began to fade. Were unanimously optimistic about the public rental sector, as it involves more complex operations and mechanisms for setting the threshold, the pilot phase is still not amount to anything. Government's various practice shows that, by large-scale construction of housing relocation and early intervention policy, Shanghai has become the most important task of housing security. The fitness room: the re-turn light Wind at the end of Qingping. A listed company announcements, seem to announce an ambitious plan by the fitness room in Shanghai, has been riding a tiger. Suspension of the China Enterprise (600675) (600675.SH) 11 月 announced on the 5th, real estate management subsidiary of Shanghai (Group) Co., Ltd. will be held by the Shanghai Ying Cheng Properties Limited 90% of the shares transferred to holding all shareholders of Shanghai Real Estate Group. Ying Cheng Shanghai Outer Ring home is the largest affordable housing - Hua Jing project development company. The project covers an area of 137,951 square meters, building area of about 380,694 square meters, total investment is about 34.5 billion yuan in December last year, has completed the main structure needed plans submitted on November 30 this year. Shanghai Real Estate Group related parties, mainly due to share transfer, Hua Jing nature of the project by the fitness room at the recently adjusted by the public rental housing, supporting commercial and public facilities. About Jing project adjusted proportion of the various houses, the Shanghai Real Estate Group official said, has not determined the specific end to listen to the requirements of government departments. In accordance with the original plan, residential construction area is 31 square meters, including the fitness room for the 2988 sets, matching sets of housing for the 1572 by over 60% of the fitness room. Hua Jing nature of the project to adjust the reasons, whether it is real estate developer Shanghai Shanghai Group, or the project authorities and the Housing Authority, housing support, no answer. Over the past few years, affordable housing can be described as affordable housing in Shanghai, the most important task. Shanghai to spend some time carefully designed, launched called the "most stringent" of the access system. City leaders are still primarily made in 2009 on the protection of housing construction plan for 2010-2012, the arrangement started 30 million affordable housing units, more than all the protection of housing construction for 40%. "This is consistent with the behavior of the government, to mature not to grow." A source close to the protection of housing policy makers told us that in the fitness room, public room rental and relocation of affordable housing in the composition of the system, the relocation of room and can not be Operators in the strict sense of affordable housing, and the operation of public rental program in the country is still new. "And the fitness room of this species, have done throughout the country, Shanghai has had a similar housing project, the operation is relatively simple, cost-recovery fast and quick. Began in 2006 at the end of the property prices soar, the local government forced by public opinion to be the protection of housing projects as soon as possible, a natural choice for the fitness room. "However, this idea has changed this year. Planning and Land Resources Bureau, Shanghai, recently announced plans to supply in Shanghai in 2010 of 770 hectares of residential land protection mission has been completed, accounting for all the supply of residential land in the 7 percent. Land for affordable housing only 119 hectares, accounting for protection of share of land less than 16%. Currently, the protection of buildings mainly borne by the development of several large state-owned Shanghai. A state-owned enterprises which have revealed that companies in the past several million square meters of building floor area of the security room, but one of the nature of different types of housing, has been adjusted, "the proportion of the concrete structure, we do not know." Whether building from 40% to 16%, or have been completed and transferred by the fitness room, use it, are clear to the local government deal with the fitness room change in attitude. "Change comes from two main reasons," Shanghai affordable housing policy think-tank members, Housing Policy Research Center, Fudan University, Executive Director Ren Chenjie introduction, a central policy and public opinion guidance, Li Keqiang, repeatedly emphasized this year strengthening the system of multi-level protection of housing construction, the policy of public rental housing to replace caliber affordable housing into focus. The house in Shanghai, the NPC and CPPCC ratio for the fitness room there have been different voices. Another reason is that the first batch of Shanghai by the fitness room this year, the pilot, encountered some problems. "The price set by the fitness room low, too many subsidies, government burden, and set the price high, and people could not afford another." It is reported that the pilot program three months later, Xuhui, Minhang District, more than 2,000 households have two eligible families to buy a house, there are still hundreds of families did not buy a house. Public rental: harder and harder to main In fact, officials in power seems to have perceived the fitness room problems that may arise. The fitness room this year, during the first trial, the Shanghai Housing Authority of the Director of housing security Dong told the newspaper, looking for the native population of public rental housing policies. Jing project above the changing nature of China, which is from the original by the fitness room, complete room of goods and commodities to support public housing rental housing. "Rental housing generally choose the location of the traffic is convenient, Hua Jing project fits well with this condition, house prices have reached around 2 million more, if used as a rental, the better shot, you can add value to retain property rights, if, as sell low-cost affordable housing, a little pity. "Jie Chen of the Government chose to convert this project, said the reasons for public rental. While from the central to local level, will the public as the current focus of rent, but analysts believe that the short term, it does not become the main force in the protection of housing types. Decision-making, according to sources close to the above, the total in the building, the government think-tank experts have recommended the construction of public rental are listed in Shanghai 5 years of planning, but the Government has not agreed to the process table. "Public rental will precipitate a lot of money to build a lot of pressure." Program in Shanghai, public rental housing will mainly introduce the operation of social capital. Ideally should be a state-owned enterprises, private capital, real estate companies and even insurance companies and other large financial institutions, as key players in the project, the Government's role is macroeconomic adjustment. However, the parties have no operational experience of the new mechanism, at present, mainly state-owned enterprises in Shanghai to do the pilot. Newspaper understanding of the situation, in addition to other projects of China Jing, Shanghai, another large state-owned enterprises within the outer ring is also another project to do a pilot public rental. Unconfirmed sources, the two pilot projects, the number of public rental, which is a few hundred sets. Relocation Housing: The controversial "Big Head" The fitness room is difficult to sell public rental market and take some time scale, the Shanghai real protection in the rapidly advancing housing, relocation housing is the category. Shanghai has been completed in 2010 for the protection of housing to detail, in addition to 119 hectares by the fitness of the house, 14 hectares of land for public rental housing, relocation resettlement housing 590 hectares, small and medium size apartment 41 hectares of residential land. Among them, the relocation of housing accounted for half of the protection of housing land. The data just released, the market will have questioned the government playing a numbers game: "relocation housing in the end is not the security room?" Real Estate Institute of Shanghai University of Finance and deputy director of the Yao Lingzhen that, strictly speaking, the protection of housing does not include such a variety of housing relocation. "But relocation housing covered, not just the demolition of large municipal projects, including renovation of old residential areas of the relocatees, the objective is also to improve the level of the residents of the housing. Therefore, from the central to local, relocation housing, or to be barely fitted sequence into the security room. " In fact, the relocation of the Housing and indeed can share out the fitness room as part of security pressures. Newspaper in Xuhui, Minhang District, the fitness room distribution of the two during the survey found that most of the fitness room purchase by those who live in old houses, but also more in the urban renewal scheme. These families know their future demolition of the house, reluctant to sell to cover their down payment by the fitness room, a fitness room difficult to sell one of the reasons. Once speed up the relocation of housing construction, many families living conditions improved through this channel, you no longer belong to the fitness room protection sequence. However, the relocation of housing has been the bulk of housing construction in Shanghai. Newspaper obtained data show that from 2005 -2009, the Shanghai relocation resettlement housing construction has started 37,720,000 square meters. Yao Lingzhen told the newspaper, from 2004 to 2006, major projects in urban areas such as World Expo Shanghai in the relocation of 10 million or more households, both young and some, but every year there are seven or eight million amount. Yaoling Zhen said that although the transformation of two years less of the old city, but because after 2007, Shanghai, select the currency in the form of relocation compensation has been very little, basically based compensation in kind, so the number of resettlement relocation is still high. "On the one hand the relocation out of the land into the market at high prices; on the other hand seventy-eight million in relocation and resettlement houses to generate new needs for housing, which is the development of Shanghai real estate market has always been an important part." Letter in the room Analysts 薛建雄 said. In fact, the relocation of housing not only help the local government in its protection of housing completed the task, more importantly, the Shanghai stock market ahead of the New Deal in the relocation of housing requirement will directly improve the housing market supply. 薛建雄 analysis, Shanghai relocation began in 2005 after the peak period, the relocation of housing needs in accordance with the provisions of the original can only enter the market until 2011, this part of the housing market's influence did not appear. However, recently introduced the New Deal to the relocation of the Shanghai housing market period from 5 years to 3 years, the cost of low price commercial housing off than the surrounding normal 3 percent or so. The availability of the market, will greatly enhance the supply of second-hand housing market. According to statistics, Shanghai, relocation of residents still in the hands of at least 3 years of relocation resettlement housing a total of 136,000 sets, an area of 1,200 square meters, a considerable number of the current second-hand housing. Shanghai Real Estate Trading Center data show that, as of now, Shanghai, the amount of second-hand housing stock, 15 million units, an area of 1696 square meters.