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Wuhan rents a house - good shop of Xin Jiali square makes over Wuhan
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Wuhan - number of rental room source: 12114111 releases time: 2008-10-08 22:42:50
The price: 4980 yuan
Area: 12 smooth rice
Practice of Xin Jiali square already had half an year, decorate luxurious shopping environment first-rate be opposite " Jiang Hanlu " station, give make things convenient for somebody be accommodating, person flow is large, general merchandise of well of government office of left and direct king, right is ocean general merchandise, back door is city of China accept film and Wo Erma supermarket. Wuhan stream of people is measured most the gold mart of flourishing. Square already had Qu Chen, agree heart chicken, surely win guest, money-locker KTV, beautiful jade Western-style food flaunts etc, this inn is in Xin Jiali 2 buildings, than other each person discharge is the biggest, 12 square should be in usable floor area 4980 yuan every months only Jiang Hanlu is taken is square of the Xin Jiali on the cheapest horse all sorts of 5 meal to 8 buildings and report play city metropolis to open business report plays city general is Wuhan city most, the month is hired 4980, make over 35000, by elevator mainstay line, perspective is wide! Return those who have 2 months to avoid hire! Connection: Ever gentleman 13971299897

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