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Cannot not know abstruse: Buy chummage house " room anise " geomantic meaning
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Geomantic how do these two words explain? " of alleged " wind is gas, namely a kind of air. "Water " uses namely, drunk water. From geomantic will tell represented way again. These two add up, gas field is good, cause the effect of the company. These two words are such meaning.

For instance SARS period, everybody opens a window to aerate, those who tell is gas field, if anger is heavier, add spirit to go up, on the career, turn around to be affected first. If air current has been compared, everybody's mood feels right, geomantic have a lot of kinds of idea.

Be in in ancient time earlier perhaps when, the house is being built previously is a few Founder siheyun, layout of Hou Feng water is very good in those days, if taking what entrance door, pattern how cloth, the place that the old person stays in, place that the child lives, place that the couple stays in, the child still separates the boy and girl, such cloth rise to compare good cloth. Urban building has vertex damage little edge now, do not have a law to aerate, still have toilet, how to avoid to these problems? The netizen raised a few questions, I do not have a change really on the net, also acquiesced, do not have method processing really.

We an integral building or door model be being regarded is human body, when the Eight Diagrams comes up out of land, be one have a the Eight Diagrams to pursue on chelonian only, still have a 9 bits additionally, it is the Eight Diagrams mixes 9 bits, head and end, limb is in this diamonds, if lacked certain character,represent limb or head, waist gave an issue. Pass test and verify of thousands of years, zhouyi, The Book of Changes considers to had had now thousands of years, all the time the place that test and verify stays in, geomantic have very big effect.

If the house is not square,resembling is the disabled, little a leg. Why do I mention northeast horn, northwest horn to be short of what issue can you bring? Everybody feels very interrogative. Should lack northeast character only, still be me what say on the net, northeast horn represents descendants hill, descendants hill still represents finance affairs, it is oneself backer, also represent money hill. Occasionally northeast face is southwest, when developing for a long time, can not aid financially slowly. Return the house that have even if marries, passed two years, unified exam Lv wants the child after 3 years, if be of northeast horn, the first child is become very hard, still have even if majority does not have a girl. As long as it is northeast horn, this a few appearance were not accorded with. Northeast horn how is ability complemental it?

This wants those who see husband and wife to cooperate, who to see live over even. For instance husband and wife buys a house twice with marital name, if the old person lives in that, give priority to with the name of the old person even. Of two husband and wife belong to go cooperating to be made up for again, if follow him to did not concern, he does not come, it is husband and wife only two people, this is how two people of husband and wife cooperate it. Often northeast horn is short of rarely, often have a small part, put something or the any of the twelve animals goes to particular function since the meeting, if be short of very greatly, for instance the house resembles stair figure, if be short of very greatly, anybody does not have method. More or less we are decided with what be short of.
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