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Price of the house after Beijing Olympic Games drops quickly Shenzhen room borro
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When Shanghai building city achieves 20 years of new records, a kind of potential risk of Shenzhen building city is looking up stealthily. Current, how many person did Shenzhen have to abandon by force of economic pressure offerring a room after all? Daily economy news investigates discovery, at present the “ of Shenzhen stops the action that offerring ” is not individual person any more, many people still are being received for the perch last year dish buy sheet. Advisory Guo Shiping indicates economy of Shenzhen municipal government, price of the house after the Olympic Games passes can drop quickly, second half of the year or next year are broken for the meeting is more serious. Such, the risk that the bank shifts a respect in the room will be bigger and bigger.

Break for: You are not a person

Liu Jun (alias) be fry lodger, he was last year in July south Shenzhen 3 areas bought town of a mountainous area garden the one flatlet of 90 much square metre, at that time market price 18 thousand / square metre, used 170 much, the month is offerred 10 thousand the left and right sides. Liu Jun thinks completely as house price rise, nature of profit of high specified number can emerge. After who knows building city to rise in blame reason, however dispute drops rationally. Current, city of Liu Jun garden this house price already firm firm ground falls twelve thousand three hundred / square metre. Building city all the way be expected to fall, life price level however stride leap forward, the 3 flatlet with Liu Jun medium now hand, already 2 is cover offerred.

Besides break for, because still do not have a bank,the person that fry a room still has what loan escapes. Compose Bo Wen announces Shenzhen room to borrow “ to break the sign of house property news analyst wind that already passed one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two ” for passing to tell a reporter, he knew intermediary of a house property to buy 5 flatlet in Shenzhen, every all are in 2 million above, owe a bank nearly 10 million. Because still do not have loan, the person had been missing now, the bank also cannot find intermediary of this house property to its native place. Wind language tells a reporter, the room borrows those who offer to have several among the person that he knows is house property intermediary fries lodger. [outspread read: Wen Zhou fries lodger to swing city of Beijing Lou Panjing building madly is cold after all it is hot]

Expert: Break for the meeting is more serious

Recently, the investigation of concerned media shows, 4 big banks are in Shenzhen 2 flatlet are borrowed on existence collective violates the phenomenon of compasses. Investigation shows, the bank hit edge ball on afore-mentioned two clauses, let 2 flatlet purchaser obtain “ easily head period hand in two mix into ” “ is best interest rate ” .

Guo Shiping tells a reporter 2 flatlet are borrowed become loose, the bank can acquire more interest ahead of schedule. Head pay hand in less, the amount that means bank loan is more, accrual also because of this grow in quantity.
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