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Price of house of check whole nation most glide first Beijing of city of 10 big
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The building city this year, once fire alls over great river north and south, let full earthen bowl of basin of earn of business of a few development be filled with. But begin from September, the house of a few cities is bad to sold, house price also begins to glide. List ” of abduct of 10 big “ selects countrywide house price today vanward city, business of the person that buy a house in order to let, development, expert is right trend of countrywide building city has a differentiate roughly. Saying is vanward city, it is city of photograph comparing other, the house price of these cities has glide evidence, even some urban house price glide very badly.

Guangzhou ——1/3 building dish begin to depreciate

By October, guangzhou some develops business to depreciate publicly highest discount amounts to 400 thousand yuan, buy the home to still not throw the troops into battle. Subsequently, more and more development business tops do not stay in Guangzhou pressure, in joining the rank that privilege depreciates in succession, your at present whole market is diffusing nervous atmosphere.

The building of the Milky way that Guangzhou produces group division to fall somewhere dish concerned personage expresses, before 5 buy the home to send become head pay, send 10 annual interest specified number of interest rise in value again, favourable amount achieves 320 thousand yuan / set, its buy the home before white cloud project also expresses 10 times to will be obtained give become head period. With this group give tit for tat, it is building of some big group the Milky way likewise dish also rolled out 20 discounts unit immediately afterwards, forehead of every unit privilege is spent be as high as hundred thousands of yuan.

Meanwhile, many landed tycoons also take out indulgence unit in succession, and with “ additional 9.7 fold Hui Min of ” , “ to buy a house the means of a few discounts such as big move ” appears. Among them, one landed big group of Guangzhou is before “ pressure ” , also begin to will show a building to have favourable sales promotion, begin from November 1, hold “ to show a building to buy house part ” , highest yield benefit 130 thousand yuan / set, calculate so come down, this building dish every square metre is favourable nearly 900 yuan / square metre, at present all valence already fall after a rise goes to 14 thousand yuan / square metre.

According to statistic, the building that at present Guangzhou has 1/3 dish begin to depreciate. Development business basically adopts two kinds of methods to adjust the price at present. One kind is will anticipate the price moves a copy before open quotation, for instance a few days ago the golden alluvion of open quotation some building dish, from 11000 yuan when anticipate / square metre move low go to 7500 yuan / square metre, fall in 30% above. Another kind of strategy that move price belongs to “ dark fall ” , basically be to be aimed at in carry out building dish, promote a sale through sending garage, canal sending thing cost and extra discount.
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