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Zhangjiakou City will be built next year 2600 people have low-rent housing uni
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Reporter learned from relevant departments, since 2008, the city has to build 6520 low-rent housing units, exceeding the 6000 provincial objectives and tasks assigned. Next year, the city also delivered 2,600 sets of low-rent housing, the current project have been started. In the low-cost housing construction, the city actively raise funds, to declare the central budget subsidies of 33 items, was 79.85 million yuan central budget for investment subsidies, capital 9,312,000 yuan for provincial, city level matching grant funds 90.55 million yuan. At the same time, earnestly implement the relevant state tax credits, and three years, business tax relief, property tax, stamp duty and other 88.66 million yuan, the city supporting the fee reduction, air defense knot construction costs, brick fees, and other types of bulk cement fund administrative fees 56.87 million yuan of funds and the government to speed up low-cost housing construction. Accordance with the "it is necessary to built, but also a good distribution, but also manage" principle, the city introduced a policy of supporting documents, clearly defined eligibility criteria Shiwupeizu housing, distribution and rental of access standards and procedures related responsibilities obligations, in accordance with the fair, open and impartial manner, ensuring the orderly management of low-rent housing allocation. In terms of low-rent housing rent collection, in accordance with the relevant policies, according to a monthly 1.21 yuan / square meter rent is charged. For the physical object in the low-rent housing guarantee minimum living family, all within the protection area of the standard rent-free.