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Lanzhou City: not being divided government subsidized low-rent housing
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Lanzhou Evening News reported, according to three levels through the application and review, two public notice, the city meet the 2010 low-rent housing eligibility criteria a total of 8607, but the low-rent housing with rent of only 3,000 sets, far from meeting the needs of the current year, In 2011 about 5,000 low-rent housing units with rent again. This year, in order to improve the distribution, street, county, municipal management through the democratic appraisal, to further develop the distribution plan, from 8607 to screen 3000 the most difficult and need time to solve the housing problem families to be publicized after allocation, the remaining 5,607 families next year, is expec ted to be assigned low-rent housing. Meet the eligibility criteria of low-rent housing, but has no family living on a low-rent housing, the city government decided to grant them subsidies for low-rent housing. Among them, four suburban area is 270 yuan per month per household, the outer suburbs of a three-county area and 180 yuan per month per household. Subsidies paid twice a year, on June 30 issued in the first half, on October 30 issued in the second half. Has been assigned to the low-rent housing for rent of 0.45 yuan / square meter, and other property, excluding water and electricity and other expenses. The current rental prices in accordance with the city, the general house of 50 square meters more than 500 yuan per month for rent, and 50 square meters of low-rent housing monthly rent only 0.45 × 50 = 22.5 million. According to reports, the city's low-rent housing have been built, the largest of 50 square meters, the smallest is 39 square meters. Mainly to two-bedroom units, a small part for the Bedroom and one bedroom, one bedroom is only one person assigned to the members of the family.