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Graduate does landlord redo lodger to rented market flourishing June first
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Annual June is the 2nd busy season that rents a house, graduation of many other place works rather natively and this locality graduate seeks rental room source. However, hire a room to be when the first selection that makes the person that do not have a room solve living problem, “ of the person that also become a part to have a house invests ”“ to facilitate ”“ going to work raises a kind of way of life quality ” .

Reduce a month to offer

Rental new building leases old building

The Li Huifeng that goes to work in new market opening can check and accept bridal chamber next month, the house is essence of lifeDecorate, can carry a bag to be entered, say “ jokingly when the reporter the ‘ nest ’ that you can have yourself eventually ” , he says however: “ is not also! After I am controlling a house, rent the house, every months of 2000 multivariate chummage returned a room to borrow quite, and myself hires a room to just need 800 yuan / month, the price difference among this is very alluring still my ” .

The clothbound that Li Huifeng bought a 28 square metre in the city in March 2007 repairs small family model, what buy as a result of him is 28 buildings, landscape is first-rate, reason market price is 15000 yuan / square metre, than 11000~13000 yuan / of square metre all valence tower above is not little. “ buys house-owner to want to stem from this a few consideration at that time, it is house price long-term and bullish, the building of city center dish fight drop the gender is very strong, can maintain value rise in value; 2 it is to be able to be taken rental, because a sector of an area is very good, hire is very considerable; 3 be as still borrow pressure to be reduced gradually, I still can live oneself, anyhow is won't deficient, will look at present, renting its is most of be to one's profit. ” Xiaoli tells a reporter.

The reporter comments on: Comparatively, li Huifeng is a reader that has investment head quite, appear very professional to relevant plan from a sector of an area that buy a house, rent the house to him lone still can yet be regarded as a beautiful thing, can reduce a month to offer pressure not only, still become “ to have ” of the person that produce below the market background with house long-term and bullish price. Because a sector of an area is nice, the building is new, his house is taken a fancy to very easily by high-end personage, need not fear this room has longer empty place too.

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