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Protect rights and interests of former building lessor to make clear lawful rele
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The building that some people understand is rented prohibit the view of sublessor is inaccurate. ” Beijing builds commission house to rent market control to be in relevant controller to express to the reporter. Although " Beijing building rents administrative measure (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " (the following abbreviation " method " ) the 15th regulation: Tenant does not get relet of do sth without authorization, make over, subtenancy bear lease a building. However, its purpose is not prohibit behavior of “ sublessor ” , ask tenant must agree via lessor when relet building however, or the original contract that rent allows, or complement signs concerned contract ability to undertake.

Capital city is built appoint also set to this at the same time on the website made detailed explanation. According to " contract law " in “ tenant agrees via lessor, can give the 3rd person ” relet of the content that rent, and " urban house rents administrative measure " in “ was not asked for lessor agrees and must not deal with register put on record, of building of relet of do sth without authorization, its rent behavior to disable, confiscate its illegal income can handle the regulation with fining ” , " method " when the 15th purpose depends on building of relet of “ requirement tenant, need to agree via lessor, below the condition that does not violate the content of the original contract that rent that both sides signs, relet contract square but effective ” .

“ leases the building of sublessor, hire can increase somewhat necessarily, at the same time bear if the clause such as lease does not understand very,hire what what just reach to house-owner and sublessor, the risk is opposite also taller ” . Department of 3 class market analyses Beijing Central Plains the personage thinks, consumer had better not bear the building that leases sublessor, in order to avoid needless dispute and trouble, it is the loss on capital even.