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Estate business: We also think? of Щ of of eggplant of kite salt cheek to sign
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Heat discusses the estate entrepreneur that attends Jiangsu to save conference of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference cheap of attention of social responsibility appeal hires a room to pay close attention to weak force group

“ actually, we also think redound society very much. ” Jiangsu inferior fine inferior Gong Guojun says president of limited company of group of group nation trade.

The the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference is saved in Jiangsu during 10 meetings panel discussion, the estate entrepreneur that ” of “ society responsibility became Jiangsu people the topic that heat discusses. Cheap of focusing education, appeal hires group of weak force of room, attention, let a reporter see the other one side of estate business.

“ beneficent ” also should pay tax

“ respecting entrepreneur, media changes ’ with respect to ‘ demon, one respecting develops business, everybody feels is hellion, ” Gong Guojun says, “ actually, will tell with me, age one big, wanting to do society of what, redound what to nod for the society. ”

Gong Guojun is subordinate inferior fine inferior the group is given priority to with trade, estate, on meeting of group of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the bemused ” of a bit “ that he put forward entrepreneur to support charities above all.

The code of enterprise income tax before “ is decided, the enterprise can take profit of the current year only 3% do charity, hypothesis gain 10 million, can take out only 300 thousand will do charities, other parts return as usual to collect tax. Law of new enterprise income tax relaxed to restrict, the enterprise can be taken out 8% , but the far more than so much that we use at charities. A few entrepreneur of ” also are mirrorred, use at the contribution of charities before them, there was a problem on bill formalities, although did not exceed limitation, still can be according to 33% collection enterprise income tax. “ actually in the final analysis, this also stems from a country to us the ‘ distrust ’ of fund of this part charity, be afraid that we can call evade payment of a tax of beneficent nominal evade taxes. ”

“ is mixed in Hong Kong foreign developed country, charity basically is to give the society is being done, entrepreneur establishs a foundation, collect and administrative contribute money, this share cash can decide how to be used, but him enterprise cannot be taken. This is a very good beneficent mechanism, but our country still does not allow to establish such foundation. More what is more,the rather that, present legal frame and charities differ too far. ” Gong Guojun thinks, chinese entrepreneur does charities, those who lack is not the enthusiasm of entrepreneur, however the law of deeper administrative levels and policy support. “ our appeal can establish company foundation private perhaps foundation. ”
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