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8 years departmental severe throw into confusion rise in price communique of gov
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During Athenian Olympic Games, once ahead reporter has published such article: The consumption of Olympic Games of Sydney of “ classics associate to Athenian Olympic Games, with respect to prices character, clear sense resembled entering Yan Sha, contest spy from street edge small shop. Do not say other, only the charge of single person room that we are in Athens, interview charge …… entirely with respect to what airline ticket of international going there and back includes when be equivalent to Sydney almost”

The price that rent a house is at ordinary times 11 times, taxi detour, much receive money to still do not search 0, ” of dish of the daily life of a family of a dish of “ sells amount to RMB 150 yuan, the price of Olympic Games souvenir is gotten more high unusual, the experience of these associate with not by let a person generate trifling concern to coming Beijing Olympic Games. And the adjustment that serves the price to all trades and professions and control, it is 2008 Beijing Olympic Games whether the important step that be held successfully and defends reputation of the international after holding.

When in the distance the Olympic Games kicks off formally to still have 200 many days, publish such relevant provision, to Beijing Olympic Games, it is a good news undoubtedly. And Guo Jinlong's acting mayor is in Beijing the Olympic Games of a “ on governmental communique congress year, beijing can father certainly throw into confusion rise in price ” , also reflected the determination of Beijing government and BOCOG.

This is not an acceptance only so simple, on one hand, the effect that it was representing Beijing government to predict the Olympic Games adequately already to be brought possibly to local economy, on the other hand, publish measure ahead of schedule, also can study relevant issue with providing sufficient time for Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee, timely publish more appropriate settlement method. More important is, such measure can issue strong signal to the market, can eliminate consumer to supply the misgive that rises with prices to the market not only, also can hit a few adventurer to use the purpose that Olympic Games opportunity rises in price substantially.

Malign after all during rising in price to appear the most possibly in the Olympic Games to hold, many domestic and international reporter, tourist swarms into a capital, a large number of their demand to accommodation, meal, traffic, still have foreign tourist to Beijing of each industry values not familiar, become adventurer likely people an opportunity given by.

The directest expression, it is entrance ticket of buy in and sell at a profit person main management target is abroad tourist, because they feel “ sells compatriots,do not go up valence ” , and 3000-6000 yuan the hotel of family of day price Olympic Games of one evening also accepts a foreign country to come to Beijing only the tourist's order, because they feel,such price also has foreign tourist to be able to be assumed only. In addition, also have concern of common people of a few capitals, arrived the Olympic Games holds from beginning to end 9 months, not only meal, accommodation, give guild to rise in price, even the public toilet is possible ” of “ price rocket.
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