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Improve work efficiency, enlarge circle SOHO a group of things with common featu
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Work to cast off a tradition of the place manacle, a lot of people became SOHO gens. Nevertheless, means of this kind of the office that occupy the home that never leave home is put in proper corrupt practice, if cause lazy mood, work efficiency low, lack human communicating to wait. Latter, ———“ of a kind of brand-new SOHO office mode closes hire office ” to show body Shanghai to go up sadly, the SOHO of disparate industry setting a group of things with common features get together to handle official bussiness below same eave, improved work efficiency not only, enlarged circle, return can mutual “ to charge ” . Sociologist thinks, this kind of new-style labor organization mode conduces to SO-HO a group of things with common features happy, efficient job, be worth to advocate.

Motive one: Be far from a family to disturb

Mr Li of 30 years old lives in Gu Meilu of Min travel area, join SOHO a group of things with common features to already had 6 years, it is a free contributor. When just beginning to do this group, he vacates a room technically in the home to serve as atelier. After the son was born last year, everyday cry be troubled by sound to often make a noise he is distractedly, be without creation inspiration. Be in he is pained extremely during, a “ on the net look for a person to add up to the card that hires office ” to let his eye shine. Leading connection of the person that pass hair card, he and additionally 4 SOHO a group of things with common features live to close in a business near the station austral Shanghai inside amphibious building rented an office.

The everything needed is ready such as desk and chair of the phone in “ office, fax, broadband, printer, office, lunar hire 2000 yuan, apportion comes down everybody 400 yuan. Mr ” Mr Li tells a reporter, besides price material benefit, more important is working environment is improved greatly, can static heart creation, contribute amount and quality have rise apparently, every months of income also increased nearly 4000 yuan accordingly.

Motive 2: Mutual communication “ charges ”

Miss Wang this year 24 years old, the SOHO that pursues artistic design is become after university of the year before last year graduates a group of things with common features, carry on through email everyday business, email of the repass after work is finished sends a client. “ I use the time beyond the job in entirely see TV and DVD, besides going to a supermarket shopping, go out scarcely. ” lives in Miss Wang of new residential quarter of Pudong Jin Yang to tell a reporter, such SOHO after a year, she discovers her thinking becomes slow, the creation inspiration that emerges like the spring originally becomes more and more dried up, the ability after advisory psychology expert knows, the cause that creates this kind of situation and long lack and person communication are concerned.

To change this one current situation, miss Wang decision and others close rent the office. After telling a few good friends that are SOHO a group of things with common features together this idea when her, win unanimous approval. Last year in May, they spent 1500 yuan to rent an one room around Zhang Yang road door as the office, the everybody when going to work does each each, gather when noon break chat or stroll to circumjacent shop, still hold a group on the weekend right, sing wait for an activity. Among them a SOHO that is engaged in Japanese translating the job, often teach someone else study Japanese after come off work. “ adds up to the gregarious limits that hires office to let me to expand, the friend also increases than before a lot of, I still pull Wu of a few great undertaking accordingly. Agitato of ” king young lady tells a reporter.
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